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1T tube ice machine shipped to Philippines

OMT 1T tube ice machine has single phase design, we use two unit of 3.5HP compressor for it.
In case you don’t have three phase electricity available, this single phase tube ice machine is quite suitable for your needs.
The machine is compact design and space saving.
The tube ice diameter is 29MM as most customers requested. Below tube ice machine for Philippines was by a customer, he wants to have this machine for his son as a gift, to help him to start the tube ice business in Philippines.

OMT 1T tube ice machine  1
OMT 1T tube ice machine  2

When the machine is ready, it will be fully tested in our workshop to make sure the machine is in good condition. The tube ice is transparent and solid.

OMT 1T tube ice machine  4
OMT 1T tube ice machine  3

OMT ICE can help our customers to arrange shipment from China to Manila, Philippines.
The customer can receive the machine in 25days after the shipment. Our technician do the online video calls to guide him how to use the machine and what should be pay attention to and finally the customer got his first batch of ice and all goes well.

OMT 1T tube ice machine  5

Post time: Oct-08-2022