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OMT 2 sets of 300kg commercial ice block machines installed in Nigeria

OMT is committed to providing economical machines to African customers, which is affordable for beginners.

Recently we dispatch 2sets of 300kg commercial salt water type ice block machines to Nigeria, this type of machine is customized for the customer as a start to testing the local market. The machine is compact design, no need installation, just need to connect the water and electricity then can start the ice block making, easy control without technical training for beginners.

OMT 300kg ice block machine -1
OMT 300kg ice block machine-2
OMT 300kg ice block machine-4
OMT 300kg ice block machine-3

The machine is single phase and power safe, it can make 16pcs of 2kg ice block in 2hrs per batch, total 192pcs in 24hrs.

OMT 300kg ice block machine-5

Using 2HP, Japan GMCC brand compressor, Danfoss Cooling Parts etc.

OMT 300kg ice block machine-6

Normally we will test the machine for 72hrs before shipment to make sure the the machine is under good performance before dispatch. And send the according testing video to the customer.

OMT 300kg ice block machine-7
OMT 300kg ice block machine-8

For Nigerian customer, we can arrange all shipping and the documentation, handle the customs clearance procedures to make the whole process as easy as possible. The customer don't need to do anything after payment and just picked up the machine in shipping forwarder's warehouse in Lagos.

Customer collected the machine in Lagos warehouse.

OMT 300kg ice block machine-9
OMT 300kg ice block machine-10

Our local cooperated engineer helped to install the machine. Arranged the machine commissioning.

OMT 300kg ice block machine-12
OMT 300kg ice block machine-11

After getting his first batch of ice block, the customer is very satisfied with our machine and service, and now he is planning to order more bigger machine to expand his business, he wants the new machine to make 5kg ice block to make different market demands according to the customer needs.

OMT 300kg ice block machine-13

Post time: Oct-08-2022