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OMT African customer inspected our factory and machine testing


Before Covid-19, there were many customers from abroad visited our factory every month, watch the ice machine testing and then placed the order, some may even paid the cash as deposit.

Pls see below pictures of some customers visiting our factory for your reference:

South Africa customers visited OMT factory and bought 3ton cube ice machine:

Customers from USA inspected OMT 5ton tube ice machine testing:


African customers visited our containerized ice block machine:


Nowadays when some customers concern about the order, and they can not come to our factory to see the machine physically because of the Covid-19, they prefer to asked their friends in China to help them to visit our factory and inspect the machine.

Last week, a friend of one of our African customers visited our factory in person, he is very satisfied with the quality and performance of our machines during the visiting.


He even had a video call with our African customer, show him around our factory. The customer asked his friend to pay us the deposit face to face via online bank service for ordering 4ton ice block machine and 3ton cube ice machine. When the machine is ready, he will come to our factory again to inspect his machines testing and loading.
Video call with our customer:


Post time: Oct-08-2022