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OMT cube ice machine project to Ghana

OMT ICE has been exported ice machine to Ghana, Nigeria etc Africa countries, below is a 3ton cube ice machine, air cooled design, split type condenser, this machine is well tested before shipment.


Pls see below pictures and details of the cube ice machine:
The Ghana customer requested to make the cube ice machines air cooled condenser split design so that he can move the condenser outside the room for good heat dissipation.


There is 12pcs of 29*29*22mm cube ice molds for 3Ton Cube ice machine:


Using Italy Refcomp Brand compressor, Germany Bitzer brand for option:


Control box: touch screen, PLC is Siemens brand

We use PLC program control system to operate the cube ice machine.
The ice freezing time and ice falling time are displayed on the PLC display screen.
We can see the machine working status and you can directly prolong or shorten the ice freezing time to adjust the ice thickness by PLC.

PLC Touch screen display: 


Post time: Oct-08-2022