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OMT Ice machines project to Ghana

OMT ICE offers complete ice plant for various ice machines with other assistant facilities, We are processing a project, the customer bought the 4ton ice block machine, 3ton cube ice machine and ice block crusher machine from us, also cold room for ice storage and he requested to make both ice block and cube ice machines air cooled condenser split design so that he can move the condensers outside the room for good heat dissipation.

Now the machines are ready to be shipped. Pls see below pictures and details of the ice block machine and ice block crusher machine:

The 4ton ice block machine(split design) can make 50pcs of 20kg ice block per 6hrs as a batch, total 200pcs of 20kg ice block in 24hrs.


The Ghana customer also bought the ice crane system together with the machine for easy ice harvesting. Full set ice crane system, include water filling device, ice defrost tank.

Normally when the machine is done, we will fully test the ice machine before shipment to make sure the ice making machine is under good performance before dispatch. And send the according testing video to the customer.


4ton ice block machine with ice crane system under testing:


Ice block crusher to crush 20kg ice block:


OMT 20kg ice block, hard and strong:

Post time: Oct-08-2022