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OMT 2T Industrial Type Cube Ice Machine

Short Description:

OMT 2ton cube ice machine is a big capacity ice making machine, it makes 2000kg cube ice per day, this 2000kg ice machine is air cooled type but can also make as water cooled type.
The air-cooled type is good for average temperature not more than 28degree area. If the temperature is very hot by most of the time, it’s good to have a water-cooled type ice machine, this water cooled machine will come with a cooling tower and not waste water.

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OMT 10ton Tube Ice Machine

No matter which type of cube ice machine you ask, it’s good to have a water purify machine with it, you can get good quality ice by using purify water, this is also in our supply scope and also the cold room. The ice quantity is small if store in the chest freezer, you will out of supply in peak season, so a cold room will be a good choice. 

OMT 2T (3)
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OMT 2T Industrial Type Cube Ice Maker Parameters:

Product Model OTC20
Max. Production Capacity 2000kg/24hours
Ice Size For Option 22*22*22MM or 29*29*22MM
Ice Mold Quantity 8 pcs
Ice making Time 118 minutes/ 23 minutes
Refrigerant R22/R404a for option
Compressor 9HP Refcomp
Condenser Air cooled/Water cooled for option
Total Power 9.5KW/Hour
Voltage 380V,50HZ,3 phase

OMT 2T Cube Ice Maker Features:

The machine is compact design, complete unit with air cooled type condenser, it adopts anti-rust and anti-corrosion material: stainless steel 304 for its main body.  Split design is also available. 

OMT 2T (5)

The machine equips with screw conveyor in the ice bin the ice will come out easily by press the foot pedal. This ice outlet is good to match with the ice bags during ice packing.

OMT 2T (6)
OMT 2T (7)

Energy Saving Ice Machine. To have one of this 2000kg ice making machine is better than 10sets of 200kg ice machine in view of energy consumption. 

10T Tube Ice Machine Parts and Components:

Leadtime: 25-35days since order is confirmed for 380V 50hz,3phase. We may have in stock, pls check with us.

Sales Outlet: We don’t have branch in other country currently, but we can provide online training. You are also welcome to visit us and do the training in our plant.

Shipment: We can ship the machine to main ports worldwide, OMT can also arrange customs clearance in destination port or send goods to your premises.

Warranty: 12months warranty for the main parts such as compressor, condenser, evaporator etc. we will send the parts to you in our cost during the warranty period.

OMT ice machine has exported to different countries with high appraises, such as Nigeria,Guyana,Congo,Ghana,South Africa,Brunei and so on.Customers are satisfied with the machines and send some good comments back for your reference.

OMT 2T (1)

Main application:

Daily using, drinking,vegetable fresh-keeping, pelagic fishery fresh-keeping, chemical processing, building projects and other places need to use ice.

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