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OMT 3ton Cube Ice Machine

Short Description:

OMT 3ton cube ice machine can produce 3000kg cube ice in 24 hours, this Industrial type cube ice machine is the hot sale model. it can run 24/7 without problem when peak season is coming. All our cube ice maker is well tested before shipment, there are also free parts along with machine for backup, you can do the replacement immediately in case something wrong for the wear parts. However, we can also send the parts by DHL/Fedex when you run out of the consumable parts. 

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OMT 3ton Cube Ice Machine

Normally, the industrial ice machine use the flat-plate heat exchange technology and hot gas circulating defrost technology, it has greatly improved the ice cube machine's capacity, energy consumption, and performance stability.  It is a large-scale production of edible cube ice making equipment. The produced cube ice is clean, hygienic and crystal clear. It is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops, etc. place.


3ton Cube Ice Machine Parameter:

Model OTC30
Daily Production Capacity 3,000kg/24hours
Ice size for option 22*22*22mm or 29*29*22mm
Ice Grip Quantity 12pcs
Ice Making time 20minutes
Compressor Brand: Refcomp/Bitzer
TypeSemi-Hermetic Piston
Horsepower: 14HP
Refrigerant R404a
Condenser Water cooled/Air cooled type for option
 Operating Power Circulating water pump 0.55KW
Cooling water pump 1.1KW
Cooling tower motor 0.37KW
Ice screw conveyor motor 1.1KW
Total Power 13.62KW
Electricity connection 220V-380V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3phase
Machine Size 2070*1690*2040mm
Cooling tower size 1400*1400*1600mm
Machine Weight 1260kg

3000kg Cube Ice Machine Salient Features:

Stable: this model ice machine is well tested and proved by the market, it keeps stable running to support your ice business.

High Efficiency: the ideal refrigeration system makes the machine works in a very high efficiency way, you get the ice and also save your bill.

Easy Operation: the machine is operated by touch screen, ice thickness can also adjustment by time increased or decreased.

Low Maintenance: this ice machine is almost free of maintenance. All small parts can be replaced easily for the qualify engineer

Other hot sale items will be purchased along with the 3ton cube ice machine:
Cold Room for ice storage: capacity available from 3ton to 30ton
Water Purify Machine: RO Type water purifier, water tank for option.
Ice Bag: we can make the ice bag with your LOGO on it, 2kg to 12kg ice bag is available here.
Ice Bag Sealer: to seal the ice bag .


OMT 3ton Industrial Cube Ice Machine Pictures:

omt 3ton
omt 3ton6

3ton Cube Ice Machine Parts and Components:

Item/Description Brand
Compressor Bitzer/Refcomp Germany/Italy
Pressure controller Danfoss Denmark
Oil separator D&F/Emerson China/USA
Dryer Filter D&F/Emerson China/USA
Water/air condenser Aoxin/Xuemei China
Accumulator D&F China
Solenoid valve Castle/Danfoss Italy/Denmark
Expansion valve Castle/Danfoss Italy/Denmark
Evaporator OMT China
AC Contactor LG/LS Korea
Thermal relay LG/LS Korea
Time relay LS/Omron/ Schneider Korea/Japan/French
PLC Siemens Germany
Water Pump Liyun China

Main application:

Daily using, drinking,vegetable fresh-keeping, pelagic fishery fresh-keeping, chemical processing, building projects and other places need to use ice.

10Ton-Tube Ice Machine-4
10Ton-Tube Ice Machine-13
10Ton-Tube Ice Machine-5

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