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OMT 5ton Tube Ice Machine Air Cooled

Short Description:

OMT offers various capacity tube ice machines for different purpose, we have commercial type machine at 300kg/24hrs for restaurants and bars, we also have big capacity machine up to 30,000kg/24hrs for ice plants. The machines are designed to be easy installation and operation. You can get more ice from our machine by using less electricity.

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Machine Parameter

OMT tube ice machine makes cylinder type transparent ice with a hole in the middle. The length and thickness of the tube ice can be adjusted. The entire production process is clean and hygienic, without any harmful substances to the human body, and can be in direct contact with food. It is widely used in food preservation industries such as cold drinks, fisheries, and markets. 


OMT 5ton/24hrs tube ice machine can produce 5ton tube ice in 24hrs, normally we will design it to be water cooled, includes cooling tower, water pipe, fittings, etc. We can also specially designed it to be air cooled condenser separated according to customer’s requirement. The customer can move the air cooled condenser outside the room which can help to dissipate heat well and also save the space.


Machine features

Easy to install and low maintenance.
Energy saving
Food grade SUS304 stainless steel to ensure that the ice is edible.
Adopt Germany PLC intelligent control, fully automatic production, without manual operation, no need skilled workers. And our new design for the tube ice machine is remote control function, you can control the machine anywhere by mobile devices.
Can be equipped with automatic packaging system.
The shape of the ice cube is a hollow tube with irregular length, and the diameter of the inner hole is 5mm ~ 15mm.
Tube ice size for option: 14mm, 18mm, 22mm,29mm,35mm,42mm.

OMT 5ton Tube Ice Machine Air Cooled-5
OMT 5ton Tube Ice Machine Air Cooled-6

OMT 5ton/24hrs Tube Ice Machine Air Cooled Technical Parameters





Ice Capacity


Tube Ice Size for Option    

14mm, 18mm, 22mm,29mm,35mm,42mm

Ice freezing time

15~35 minutes (depends on ice size)


25HP, Refcomp, Italy


Germany Siemens PLC

Cooling Way

Air Cooled Separated


R22/R404a for option

Machine Size



380V, 50Hz, 3phase/380V,60Hz, 3phase

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