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OMT 3000kg Tube Ice Machine

Short Description:

OMT 3000kg tube ice machine makes transparent and nice tube ice, widely used in beverage cooling, drinking, aquatic food processing, chemical plant cooling, ice factory and gas station etc. Generally, this 3ton tube ice machine is a complete set unit with air cooled condenser, for optional, the air-cooled condenser can be split and remote. However, the ice making machine is suggested to make water cooled type if the ambient temperature is more than 40degree, the water cooled type machine works better than air cooled type, no matter in ice productivity and also energy consumption.

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To get quality tube ice, we suggest buyer to use RO water purify machine to get quality water, we also provide ice bag for packing and cold room for ice storage. 

OMT 3000kg/24hrs Tube Ice Maker Parameters

Capacity:  3000kg/day.
Compressor Power: 12HP
Standard tube Ice size :  22mm, 29mm or 35mm
(other size for option : 39mm, 41mm, 45mm etc.)
Ice freezing time: 16~30 minutes
Cooling Way: Air cooling/Water cooled type for option
Refrigerant: R22/R404a/R507a
Control System: PLC control with touch screen
Material of frame: Stainless steel 304
Machine Size: 2200*1650*1860MM


Leadtime: 40-45days since order is confirmed for 220V 60hz machine, it will be faster for 380V 50hz. Normally it takes longer time to get the compressor for 220V 60hz .

Ice Type:  The machine generally makes transparent ice, with a small hole in the middle, however, the machine can also design to make solid type ice without hole. But pls note that not all the ice is solid, approx.. 10-15% ice will still have small hole in it.

Shipment: We can ship the machine to main ports worldwide, OMT can also arrange customs clearance in destination port or send goods to your premises.

Warranty: 12months warranty for the main parts. We will also provide necessary spare parts along with machine free of charges. OMT also send the parts to our customers by DHL for fast replacement in case there’s no 

OMT Tube Ice Maker Features

1. Strong and Durable parts.

World famous compressors and refrigerant parts are world first class.

It’s easy to get in your local market for replacement.

2. Compact structure design.

For our small capacity machine, our machine doesn’t need big space for installation but good ventilation is necessary.

3. Low-power consumption and minimal maintenance.

The machine makes more ice even works in high temperature condition, this

4. High quality material.

The machine mainframe is made of stainless steel 304 which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

5. PLC program Logic Controller.

We use different type brand of PLC for different capacity machines, for different function requirements. Ice thickness can be adjustable by set the ice making time or pressure control.

Machine with hollow and transparent Ice

 (Tube ice size for option: 18mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm etc. )

Tube Ice Machine and Dispenser

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